Getting Started for Accreditation in 2025

Begin your accreditation journey here

1. After submitting the application, familiarize yourself with the N.A.P.S. Policies and Procedures Manual.
2. Begin evaluating your school using the Internal School Evaluation Guide.
3. Compose your answers to each of the N.A.P.S. Standards Evaluation Questions listed in the N.A.P.S. Procedures Manual
4. Assemble your documents and evidences using the Candidacy Evidences for Accreditation Checklist.
Documents and pictures may be submitted online via a shared Google folder that will be setup for your school and shared with you .


INSTRUCTIONS: Before submitting answers, compose a narrative for each question using a Word Processor. The questions are found on the Internal Evaluation Guide and Candidacy Evidences Checklist. Please download both of these documents. Do not begin answering the questions prior to composing your answers. Once you have composed your narrative, click the appropriate button below to access each of the 2025 Candidate Response Forms.


The Candidate school's shared Google folder is already setup and waiting for your school's evidences and artifacts. Documents are best in a ".pdf" format, while pictures should be in a ".jpg" format. Simply drag and drop any file that you wish to share with N.A.P.S. in your school's shared Google folder.

To access your school's shared Google folder:

1. If you have a Google account, navigate to Google and click on your Google drive or just click this link: . Next, choose "Shared with me" on the menu. You should see the shared Google folder. Please do not make any new subfolders.

2. If you do not have a Google account, click the link that N.A.P.S. sent to the email address that was given on the N.A.P.S. accreditation application.

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