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N.A.P.S. accreditation is exclusively for private Christian schools.  That means that the school must have a self-description on its website that makes it apparent that the school is Christian in its
philosophy with a 
commitment to the teaching of a Christian worldview and utilizes a core Christian curriculum for science, history, and literature.

Visit the Getting Started page on this website.  Complete the Accreditation Application and download or print the forms from the Getting Started page.
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Once the Accreditation Application is submitted, your school will be entered into the Candidacy Status.  During this status, you will complete the Self-Study, answer the Standards Evaluation Questions, and submit your evidences and artifacts in the school’s shared Google folder.  Upon completion of these forms and the submission of documents and evidences, your school will be evaluated.  With a successful evaluation and receipt of accreditation fee payment, your school will be recommended for accreditation to the N.A.P.S. Board of Directors at the N.A.P.S. Annual Board Meeting.  The amount of time necessary to complete these steps is related to the human resources at your disposal.

The Candidacy Status may be extended one year with a payment of the Candidacy Extension Fee ($295). After two years in the Candidacy Status, the school must relinquish its Candidacy and re-apply to N.A.P.S. after a one-year waiting period.

Application Fee: $295.00 (Due with application) (non-refundable)

Initial Accreditation Fee: $795.00
(Due upon receipt of Notification of Recommendation letter)

Annual Accreditation Renewal Fee: $295.00
(Following the first school year of accreditation)

If your school does not meet the Standards of Accreditation of N.A.P.S., your school will not pay the Initial Accreditation Fee and the Application Fee is non-refundable.

Please connect with us on the Contact page of this website.  


As you are probably aware, in the private Christian school sector, accreditation is optional.  However, many schools have seen the need for this status and have asked for a specialized accreditation program that is geared to private Christian schools. This recognition, as both a necessity and an advantage, helping to lift the school in acknowledgement of its achievements. The community and constituents will appreciate this commitment to excellence. To this end, N.A.P.S. is committed to helping your school receive the recognition it deserves.

National Association of Private Schools does not involve itself in the internal affairs, interpersonal conflicts or litigation between parties associated with candidate or  accredited schools. The Association is not liable for actions, policies, negligence, or any illegal, unethical, or immoral conduct resulting in legal action taken against a candidate or an accredited school.

Accreditation is the process in which competency, authority, and credibility is presented and is largely determined by viewing documentation which confirms the school’s credibility by meeting N.A.P.S. standards for accreditation.

National Association of Private School accredited school graduates are accepted at colleges and universities, providing they have the proper academic credentials, testing and transcripts. However, some colleges may wish to validate the high school diploma before admission of the student may be approved.  Private colleges and on-line private colleges follow different policies for admission and may require other options for college admission.

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