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National Association of Private Schools is a consortium of Christian educators and schools from across the United States.  The association is dedicated to recognizing and improving the character and educational quality of private Christian schools.  National Association of Private Schools is a non-profit educational organization, which provides educational assistance and accreditation for church schools, private Christian schools and Christian home school academies that maintain a credible, traditional education program for Pre-K through 12th grades.  The purpose of National Association of Private Schools is to assist and complement existing school programs.  N.A.P.S. is a ministry of helps which, when properly instituted, will be of great benefit to many school programs.

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Defining Accreditation:

Accreditation means that an institution is fulfilling its stated purpose with integrity and excellence.

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Committed to helping private Christian schools succeed in their mission.

NAPS Schools

NAPS Schools List

A listing of the N.A.P.S. Accredited and Candidacy schools.

Committed to helping private Christian schools succeed in their mission.

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Excellent Track Record.

Hundreds of private schools have used N.A.P.S. to help them make an important statement to their community of stakeholders.

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N.A.P.S. fee structure is very transparent and easy to understand.

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N.A.P.S. administrators are very available and committed to your schools success.

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By accrediting our school, NAPS has assisted students complete their academic goal of exiting high school as a college ready freshmen. Additionally, NAPS has assisted us in framing our school to prepare students in the core academic skills required to move to the next grade level and Biblical knowledge. Students that have transferred to other schools were able to meet and, or exceed the academic standards at the new school. Our high school graduates have gone on to excel in college, with several making the dean's list each semester. This could not have happened without holding the accreditation stamp received from NAPS which help parents to feel confident about their school choice.
Dr. Deloris Brown
Executive Director
Lake City College Prep Academy
Lake City, SC
NAPS has served as a support and source of information when questions arise regarding curriculum matters, student systems, and accreditation inquiries.
Dr. Leicha Shaver
Advanced Preparatory International
Dallas, TX
Since becoming a NAPS Accredited School, our standing with various educational institutions has increased and our student body has grown numerically. We are grateful to you for offering your program to private schools.
Connie Atchison
Hope Christian School
Pelham, AL
The NAPS standards have given our school a structured template from which to work. Our ministry now has a more clearly defined purpose and measurable accountability.
Mike Foster
Executive Director
Winston-Salem Street School
Winston-Salem, NC
Our mission statement is to achieve academic excellence that glorifies Jesus Christ by providing our students a Biblical worldview. NAPS has come alongside to help us fulfill that mission.
Edward Mullins
Principal / Administrator
Wise County Christian School
Wise, VA
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